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What we have found is that individuals working in high pressure jobs follow a similar trend, they are brilliant in WORK but let their HEALTH fall to the wayside. Your day:

6am Wake/Shower/Clothes/Coffee (no time for breakfast)

7am Commute (traffic, stress, thinking of e-mails etc)

8:30am Work (so many things to do today)

10-11am Hungry (just remembered no breakfast, starving need something high in Carbs or Sugary and Coffee)

2pm Lunch (need food but behind on work, so will eat lunch at my desk)

5pm Commute Home (thinking of e-mails and what needs done)

6pm Gym (will do the same workout I do every time I go and use all the machines I enjoy at the same weight, between rests I will check e-mails)

7pm Work/Family time (spend some time with wife and kids while also finishing some of the work from today)

8pm Dinner (Something quick and easy)

9pm Netflix (watch whatever series I am in the middle off, check emails again)

10.30pm Bed

Wash, Rinse and Repeat….

Sound Familiar? This lifestyle you have become accustomed to leads to chronic stress and over time your health will suffer.

Our Approach to Health...The Three Pillars

We want to help you structure your day better, let us take care of your FITNESS, NUTRITION and WELLNESS, you can continue making the work decisions, spend more time with your family and enjoy a social life.  We have developed a system that work synergistically with each other to promote overall health, The Three Pillars.   


Using our state of the art app, our Performance Coaches design training plans tailored to reach your fitness goals. Includes: bespoke training programme to fit into your busy schedule, varied plans, check-ins with your coach and exercise demos. Our plans are suited for both home or gym environment so a gym membership is not necessary.


Our Nutritionist will use our high tech app to design bespoke nutrition plans.  We will cater our plans to fit your lifestyle and promote a health based diet using the foods you enjoy.  Our plans also include shopping lists and recipes. Specialising in: weight-loss, eating correctly during stressful times, sports nutrition, muscle building and digestive complaints like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


We will design Wellness interventions for stress management to aid mental health, improve physical recovery and improve performance. With our app you will learn some pilates exercises to fit into your daily activities. Techniques include: pilates, cognitive training and meditation can all be used to improve mental and physical health.

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