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I’m Rowan Kearns and I am in the health business. 

I help busy, stressed individuals live healthier, happier more successful lives.

Rowan Kearns

Owner, atlas online coaching

About the company

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my site. I have been working in the health and fitness sector for over ten years working with many individuals with differing goals offering personal training, nutrition and pilates.

My fitness journey began at age 15 when my father introduced me to weight training.  I enjoyed every aspect of training and began purchasing magazines such as Mens Health, Muscle and Fitness etc which tweaked my interest in Nutrition, Wellness and Performance.  I left school and with no real career direction I undertook a Business Degree in University College Dublin, however, despite the excellent teaching facility I decided I needed to move into an area I am passionate about and I began to study a degree in Sport and Exercise Science BSc. in the University of Ulster.  With a real passion for health during my final year I applied and was accepted into the University of Chester to study a masters degree in Exercise and Nutrition Sciences MSc.  

Having completed third level education and spending every summer working with elite level sporting teams I began to take one to one personal training clients.  With a genuine interest in helping individuals reach their goal I put all my effort into my clients and achieved great results. I kept my professional development topped up every few months completing a massive amount of courses and seminars in Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Nutrition and Pilates. At the time my girlfriend Amanda was running her busy Digestive Health Clinic Inner Angel and a Cold Pressed Juice Company, I began helping out were I could.

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Steep Learning Curve

As I was fully booked with personal training taking upwards of 50 60min sessions per week I decided more of a work life balance was needed and my theory was ‘if I open a gym I could work normal hours and still have a social life’.  I opened a massive commercial facility that would cater for everyone who walked in the door. Thousands of pounds was invested in the business.  However, I began to realise having a gym is a completely different business than personal training, I was no longer a solo act, I had staff, payroll, marketing, business plans, social media, overheads, etc.

Wake-Up Call

I started to feel lethargic all the time, I was working from 6am – 9pm, skipping breakfast or having something I could eat while commuting, then getting home having dinner at 10pm, wrecked and watching TV until 1am then up again at 5am. I became a social recluse, my now wife Amanda and I sat in most weekends and got stuck in a work rut.  I didn’t feel right for a long time, paperwork and overheads were piling up and stress was consuming me. I had a routine health check and my blood pressure was 193/80, I was in Type 3 Hypertension. I began to lose interest in training because I couldn’t enjoy training in my own facility with staff, new members to deal with phones ringing etc. My own physique began to suffer, were once I sat comfortably at 7% body fat, I was near triple that and not eating or training correctly and due to poor dietary habits my IBS would flare up regularly.

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At this point I decided enough was enough and I closed the facility. I decided to do what I do best and return to personal training. However, I was aware that I will still have the same issues my personal training would get very busy, I would be helping out with Amanda’s busy Juice business doing deliveries and a lot of the manual work. 

How am I going to find the time to achieve my ideal physique, eat healthy and reduce my stress?

I began to work on my daily routine planning out each day, knowing when to train and for how long, preparing what to eat for the coming days and incorporating meditation and pilates when possible to ensure my stress levels were staying low. 

Being prepared for each day allowed me to improve all aspects of my life, my sleep greatly improved, energy levels increased, fitness and mobility improved and my motivation, mood and performance remained high. 

New Business, Better Results

I decided I need to share my knowledge to anyone who has suffered similar symptoms due to heavy workloads. I began speaking at many corporate events and large businesses on work related wellness and I have introduced eCoaching and THREE PILLAR protocol to try and help a much wider audience. 

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